Two Friends

                                                                                                                                                                                               Holly Tong, Florist. Runa Kuru Kristjónsdóttir, Photographer


Holly Tong, Florist. Runa Kuru Kristjónsdóttir, Photographer

Based in beautiful Gisborne, New Zealand. Runa's passion for capturing beautiful images and Holly's eye for floral design, inspired by their interest in interior design and having beautiful pieces on their own walls, this collaboration happened naturally.

Both still active within their separate fields, the two friends have for some time talked about putting their heads together in a joint venture. This new project is an exciting creative outlet in a new direction.

They first met in 2002 where they both worked in a local Gisborne Restaurant. Runa was 21 and Holly was 15. Runa was born and raised in Iceland, and after a short stint in NZ she moved back to Iceland. Years later, with the help of social media, they got back in touch. A few cities and 6 children later they both ended up back in Gisborne, where they picked up where they left off!

Runa has a successful career as a photographer, with a focus on families and children. Holly, also has her own successful business, as a florist for large events.

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